Recovery from Google’s Core Update December 2020

If your website is negatively impacted, you can follow the tips to recover from Google’s core update in December 2020. Decide the course of action according to the impact of the update on your site.

It’s a broad update and impacted almost every industry and category and it is broader than the May update but many who was affected negatively hard in May, seeing some recovery. Amazon is also a big loser.

Google is pushing relevant and authoritative content into the search results.

Make the changes but you won’t see a quick recovery, until the next core update is released. Making a long term SEO strategy is important.

Insightful and interesting content, Brand keywords, Authority for your website, trust building, user friendly UI & UX design, and if your website content and message is reflecting that you are expert in your industry, you have higher chance to get the priority in the search rankings.

Google’s Core Update in December 2020

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