Google Ads update Ultimate Guide, PPC Updates, News October 2020

What’s New Changes Coming to Google Ads, Facebook ads Insight,  New features & announcements How to’s Google analytics and Google ads: Google marketing platform, Google’s advanced machine learning and smarter insights to improve your marketing decisions and get better ROI. Create more relevant audience. Making frequency reporting more helpful for video campaigns

Choosing the Right Attribution Model

Best Attribution Model for your campaign: An attribution models helps in determining, which campaign should gain the credit for the conversion. Google Ads:   Model Description Growth strategy Last-click (DEFAULT) Gives all credit for the conversion to the last-clicked keyword Most conservative First click Gives all credit for the conversion to the first-clicked keyword Most…

Google & Facebook Ads – What You Need to Learn?

Quality matters most – Optimize for quality Analyzing search terms Value of adding negative keywords Re-marketing efficiently Filtering sites for display advertising Conversion Tracking: Which ads resulted in offline sales or other valuable customer actions by importing your offline data into Google Ads. CRM integration and Lead flow Courses PPC Training

Ads Management

Google Ads & Facebook Ads are two most important Ads management platform available. These two combine solves many purposes of businesses like branding, traffic to lead generation. Managing Google Ads and Facebook Ads requires analytical, mathematical and creative skills. Apart from that proper Ads management required for other platforms as well like BingAds, Adobe, Instagram,…