Why Some Companies are more Successful than Others in Digital Marketing

Your digital marketing campaigns can provide you tremendous success over a short period of time. If your competitor is succeeding on this and you are not then sure there is something wrong in planing or execution.

Some companies are more successful than others in implementing digital marketing strategy – Organic digital marketing, Paid digital campaign strategy & email marketing.

  1. Due to gap between digital strategy and digital execution

83 per cent of digital professionals said their strategy is fit for purpose, 65 per cent see implementing digital across the business as their number one strategic challenge.

Why in-house team fail in Digital marketing?

According to ITProPortal : More than half (53 per cent) of CDOs and CIOs claim that the problem is a lack of support from other team members and other departments in the business, as well as the lack of board support. 

Over a third (36 per cent) also point to a lack of skills, a major hurdle when the business needs to execute effectively on the plans being made by company leaders.

2. HIIPO’s(Highest paid opinion) opinion: Some Web sites fall flat because they’re designed by hippos(the name given by Avinash Kaushik , Google’s analytics evangelist). Hippo’s opinions destroy the campaigns. Run an experiment and see what works. We don’t know, same strategy may not work for two different websites or industries.

3. Expectation: You may be at the beginning, in the middle or in advanced stage of the execution of digital marketing strategy.

If you are just beginning of the digital marketing process for your company and initializing websites, digital properties for the marketing, beginning new social profiles then you should expect the best outcome of organic strategy after getting all the digital property optimized. In the middle, you can expect the best outcome of organic strategy if your strategy is right or making it right getting analytics data till now. In advanced stage, you get organic results fast.

Paid digital campaign strategy: Paid Digital marketing

You can expect the result within few weeks after getting enough data from previous campaigns after modifying the campaigns based on the analytics, inference and research of the data.

4. Not using all the channels effectively

5. Lack of documentation

6. Not using blog effectively

7. Missing message in marketing materials

8. Not using enough images

9. Not using video on webpages and other digital properties

10. Not experimenting with campaigns and metrics

11. Wrong analysis or data

12. Audience selection

13. Lacking in Leads Follow Up process: Offer every options for follow up to the prospects

14.Use influencers

15. CTA, Form and other elements should work well on all the devices like mobile, PC, tablets etc.

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