Why is Analytics Important for Businesses?

Demand for analytics professionals has increased and you can see the top companies of the world are hiring professionals from top institutes for their analytics departments. It includes digital analytics(Web Analytics), data analytics(Big Data), business analytics, marketing modeling, and analytics etc. Why? Because analysis is one of the most essential parts of the success of any business. You can never determine the success of any marketing or Advertisement campaign without analysis. Businesses need data-driven analysis before making any decision about the new, ongoing, and old projects.We need to analyze various parts of the campaign and its results. It’s not the result only but also how we are trying to achieve that, How components of the campaigns are working, and how users and prospects are reacting or interacting with each element.

Website is one such element that is part of every campaign marketing or advertising, so tracking website and interaction is essential for creating a successful campaign. We can optimize campaigns only when we get where we are lacking? What’s going wrong and how can we improve?

There are companies like Google and Adobe that are providing analytics solutions to track interaction with website elements. Google Analytics has a fee as well as paid versions while Adobe Analytics is paid. Google analytics with GTM(Google tag manager) is one of the most robust analytics solutions. Google analytics provides the predefined dashboards with metrics and dimensions that can help businesses in tracking many things free of cost. With Google tag manager you can create custom dimensions, custom variables Custom JS and Custom HTML that will help you to track the things that you are not getting by default. You can use a data layer to push the value of custom parameters to GTM and finally to Google analytics.

With the help of data analytics, you can analyze any online or offline data in excel.You can use data visualization tools like Google studio, Microsoft Power BI, or Tableau to make the things presentable to management for making any decision.

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