SEO in 2020

All businesses can benefit from SEO. Most people don’t click to show more or more results on mobile devices and most searches come from mobile. Optimizing on more than 200+ ranking factors is the key to getting the top positions on the 1st page of Google. 

SEO is changing as the people’s behavior, demand, search engine algorithms, content type and devices are changing. To get better rankings, we should maintain the flow of content and technical SEO factors implementation on various elements of the websites.

With maintaining & optimizing Google ranking factors, the latest optimization techniques also includes the following:

  • Content – Search engines love fresh content, it shows activeness on the website. Engagement is the biggest challenge, Interactive content & personalised messages on websites increase engagement. 
  • Blogging
  • FAQ’s
  • Customers Testimonials
  • Survey
  • Small Videos – Video Is The New King Of Content
  • Technical
  • Schema
  • URL Structure
  • Internal Linking
  • New Pages
  • Page Speed
  • Innovations
  • Automation
  • Local & Global

People behaviour :

Google also looks at the how your website is serving the customers,

Use the latest automation tools for customer services: Customer support agents is to actually utilize the latest automation tools such as AI-driven chatbot

Voice search to AI based voice commerce: Your website will get boosted if you have voice search enabled for your products or services. If customers can order a product with voice command and AI helps in choosing the products then its considered superior customer service than the others websites, and the site will get better ranking in search engines.

Creative, and Result driven marketing

SEO for ecommerce and increasing customers shopping experiences

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