SEO in 2018

SEO Trends that will dominate 2018

Digital marketing industry can see significant changes due to inclusion of interesting features in major platforms to enhance use engagement. Google update is confirmed as “Maccabees update“.

  • AI (Artificial intelligence) & Machine learning inclusion
  • Video in SERP: Video will get better place in SERP
  • Image search (image reorganization),
  • Voice search
  • Visual similar object search
  • Personalized SERP:
  • Evolution of SERP features
  • Page Speed : Google expects pages to load in under three seconds.
  • Content quality & Latent Semantic Indexing
  • Mobile: Over half of Google searches coming from mobile devices, the impending mobile-first index, and mobile-friendliness being a ranking factor, you simply can’t afford to ignore mobile SEO anymore.
  • Unlinked mentions: Mentions Google Patent Authoritative mentions


SEO Techniques that won’t work in 2018





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