Product Marketing Servies: Making a product takes thousands of hours of the world’s best minds and companies spending millions on R&D, and study of product demand and market. When it comes to product marketing, companies don’t want to let any stone unturned in promoting and selling the products and creating a brand so that their products have their own space in the market. 

Conveying the message about the Competitive differentiation and features of the products to the relevant audiences with the help of proper marketing channels and platforms is the main goal of the marketing so that it increases the demand and sales of the product.

360 Product Marketing and advertising strategy and plan

  • Roadmap
  • implementation
  • Product management
  • Defining Product architecture
    • Product Experience
    • Latest trends
    • Creation of BRD’s
    • Agile stories
    • Wireframes
    • KP metrics for new features
  • Key performance metrics of the product
  • Competitors analysis
  • Product backlog prioritizing
  • Understanding customer needs
  • Business objectives
  • product metrics
  • RoI framework
  • Selling techniques
  • Product analysis sheet