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IoT application development company providing complete IoT solutions. We develop IoT platforms for connectivity, data collection & communication. We provide integration of main components IoT: Hardware, Software, Cloud, Analytics, User Interface, Database, Automation, Communication protocols, connectivity, gateway. 

IoT(Internet of Things) are the embedded smart devices that are connected with each other by programs(digital intelligence), Processors and sensors for collecting and sharing data. 

IoT provides insights to boost efficiency, and allow companies to make more informed decisions. It opens opportunities for creating new products and services not previously thought possible. Fourth industrial revolution or Industry 4.0 is the use of IoT technology in businesses. Businesses are making trackable equipment with IoT tagging. Smart speakers Amazon Alexa or Google Home, Apple’s smartwatches are few examples of IoT.

IoT devices  are not affecting businesses only but it also has a significant impact on our lives including how we live, drive, and farm animals and crops.

Security challenges for IoT are Malware and ransomware, Outdated hardware and software, Data and identity thefting

Our IoT Services:

  • IoT Development Consultancy
  • Backend & API Development
  • IoT Gateway Development
  • IoT Implementation & Support
  • Connectivity Between Devices
  • Voice Controlled
  • Analytics

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With 10+ years of existence, Our 100+ experts team. We have garnered 2100+ happy clients. 


  • Enterprise 
  • Automotive sectors
  • Utilities 
  • Security devices – Home security systems
  • Smart light bulbs 
  • Building automation 
  • Smart speakers 
  • Self-driving cars 
  • Smart cities

Our homes and offices and vehicles — smarter, more measurable,

By 2020, business and consumer spending on IoT hardware will hit nearly $3tn.

  • Privacy
  • Security
  • Data & Analytics
  • AI & ML
  • Machine-to-machine (M2M)

Connectedness, data-driven insights, predictive capabilities and transformation.

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