How to Build an Intelligent Web Applications

As behavior of users are changing continuously, device of interaction and the way of interaction is changing, interaction interfaces are also evolving regularly. We need websites that can intelligently understand the users purpose, provide interface for better interaction and respond accordingly. A website that can give optimal performance on multiple devices and can interact smartly and intelligently is in demand now.

A business cannot function without a website. You need an engaging website design that can Attract and retain their customers.

In last few years smartphone internet consumption grew by 78 percent and users are spending 70% of their Internet time on mobile. 40% B2B search is on mobile.

Importance of Digital Marketing: A well designed website is great, but it is not useful to business if no one coming to see what are you offering. How will get the visitors is most important its free or paid?

Mobile optimized responsive website: Even after strong preference of user, 90% small businesses don’t have mobile friendly website.

Building Intelligent Websites: A website that fulfills requirement of users & business, and also technically good on various parameters, build using latest technology and programming language with secure coding and security enabled.

Understanding user requirement: UX Speed Device friendly, browser friendly, OS friendly, Interactive, quick response to query, easy contact(form, chat, call), voice answering, security

Business Requirement: Generate new customers, reach maximum audience, generate traffic, engaging to visitors, provide all solution for which users are coming, best information

Technical Fulfillment:

  • CSS
  • PWA
  • AMP
  • Search engine friendly

Choose most suitable technology:

  • PHP
  • JAVA
  • Python
  • Ruby

A web that provides customer experience with intelligence like:

  • Connect with customers emotions
  • Personalized information
  • Personalized buying experience
  • Convenient service after purchasing
  • Capture customers feedback
  • Can track every move and provide better analysis data to improve the website, process and customer facilities

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