Future of Digital Marketing: Be Prepared for This

Digital marketing has evolved as the most important way of marketing because of its effectiveness in driving revenue and measurement accuracy. Digital marketing plans based on data and analysis of user behavior makes your business successful.

Digital media adds new digital devices, platforms, audiences, interfaces everyday so the digital marketing is also evolving with the same pace. Marketers should be smart enough to change and adapt the things accordingly. Search engines, emails, videos, apps, Smartphones, social media’s all are changing. We all are connected with each other with at least one digital device and mobile is one of them.  Every business and individual is trying to catch this opportunity for their growth, reach and branding. Digital marketing or Advertising provides growth hacking opportunity for startups and easy to manage marketing platforms, CRM for the bigger brands. Its successful for all B2B, B2C & B2I marketing.

Following are the main points that you need to consider when making plans for future digital marketing:

Customer Experience: Make plans of digital marketing based on customer journey and experience. Website speed is one of the prime concerns and most of the users leave the site if speed is <3s. Security is also a major concern for the users as the Cybercrime is increasing they always look for safer site for browsing. Before taking the final call on a product or service they also look at the reviews given by other users.

IoT : In future more devices are going digital and all of them can be easily connected. This will provide a huge opportunity for marketers to reach and engage audiences with the digital content on IoT devices. New channels are emerging with new skills required for digital marketing. Data analysis, contextual marketing, personalized messaging skills will be required that will help in enhancing the customer’s journey. IoT devices will change SEO from keyword-based to intention based (natural language processing).


Voice Search & Smart Speakers: Now people are using more natural language processing devices like Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa, and Google Home. One-fifth of the queries on Google are voice searches..Based on the behaviour of users marketers and advertisers also need to change their strategies for voice searched.

SEO is also changing from keyword-based SEO content to intention-based natural language inclusion in the content.



Growth Hacking

Audience Selection: Persona Based Targeting

Personal Messaging




Mobile search

Programmatic Advertising


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