e-Commerce Platforms, CMS & Optimization

E-commerce platform selection for creation and maintenance of the website or stores are critically important.

  • Magento: PHP based platform
  • Shopify: Easy to manage and good for small to mid e-commerce stores.
  • OpenCart
  • WooCommerce
  • Hybris.com – SAP

E-commerce business success and failure depends upon the selection of the platform also.

WordPress is the most used CMS worldwide for personal websites.

People come to the store and engage at various levels, they will buy from their or not it depends upon your websites UI if your products quality, brand and pricing is same as on your competitors websites.

  • Optimization Parameters:
  • Product categorization
  • Top selling products
  • Video Optimization and embedding
  • Image optimization
  • Content Typo
  • Headline optimization
  • USP’s
  • Shopping cart & Checkout
  • Messaging at various stage of purchasing
  • Stock notification
  • Products Landing page optimization
  • Load speed
  • Cookies collection and re-targeting

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