Digital & Technology update in December 2020

  • Google using AR to Let Users try Before buying Cosmetics With Google AR shopping tool you can virtually try makeup products right from the app. Google will also be showing product recommendations from influencers in the mobile Google Shopping section and Discover feed.
  • Cybersecurity companies across the globe have raised $8.1B in 2020 and nearly $6.3B in the US, up from $7.4B globally and $4.7B in the US in 2019

Google Analytics 4 – you can use it for a website, an app, or both a website and app together.

This Week’s Digital Marketing News

  • Google confirms passage indexing is not yet live
  • Google Search Console brings back request indexing tool
  • Google releases Google Ads Editor v1.5
  • Google is testing Interactive Search Results in search engine results pages (SERPs) with hide and reveal images.

Google’s John Mueller on Copied content and ranking

Just because something is original doesn’t mean that it’s the one that is the most relevant when someone is looking for that information.

Google’s John Mueller on saturating Keywords in Meta Title & Description

Mueller says saturating a page’s meta title and description with keywords is not against Google’s guidelines. It’s not even something Google considers to be problematic.

He recommends writing better meta tags to improve CTR but never suggests doing so to improve rankings.

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