We provide complete digital solutions for educational service providers like competitive exams like JEE NEET preparation, Engineering colleges, MBA colleges, schools from digital property management, digital student management, content management to digital marketing, lead generation and advertising.

We help the institutes, coaching, colleges, and schools in creating digital properties like portals, websites, apps that are necessary for providing hassle-free education to students in various cities and villages

  • Websites creation for education services, competitive exams like JEE NEET preparation, Engineering colleges, MBA colleges
  • Online tutoring website & facilities for students and teachers
  • Educational Apps creation – Study anywhere apps for students
  • Study Portals – competitive exam test portals, book portals, student management and study plan, counseling 
  • Content Management of educational websites, portals, and apps, and content creation
  • Educational Facilities like video tutoring, AI hat implementation in website, portals, and apps
  • We plan the complete flow of educational portals and website according to your requirement, marketing demand, and students, parents and teachers behavior demand

Automation with smart Education CRM and admission management

We automate the things according to the requirement of business like auto emailers, auto SMS, and notifications. Our smart Education CRM provides Admission process automation, Application Automation, and Post Application Automation so that most of the work completed without any manual intervention. We also implement robot chats to enhance interaction with students.


We incorporate AI & ML based chatting facility into the websites and apps

Interactive content 

We also have a team of video, audio, 3D animators and content writers that creates the world’s best interactive content that students love and it’s highly engaging.

  • Video content 
  • AR VR content

Education CRM for smart admission management: We customize CRM according to your college or school admission team requirement so that they can get quick access to students’ data it facilitates both counselors and students. It also helps top management to get any report, the digital marketing team to manage leads, finance team to get quick payments and all the reports and facilities are integrated to provide 360 solutions.

Digital Marketing Solution for Education Servies

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