Digital Marketing Trends

Coming trends in digital marketing:

AI based Digital marketing

AI’s machine learning, deep learning and natural language processing [NPL] techniques are helping platforms and marketers to take real-time data-based decisions.

AI is being used by top platforms like Apple, Google, Amazon, Microsoft to make their platform relevant to latest audience demand like voice searches in Siri, Alexa, Google voice assistance, Google home, Microsoft’s Cortana etc. Adwords have also introduced AI in their platform for better targeting the audience.

AI helps in collecting marketing data and fetching important inference, helps in segmentation to use it for future marketing campaigns. AI based content creation tools are also very useful.

Personalized: Content personalisation, personalized advertising, personalized emails increases customer experience so increases conversion rate. Digital marketers want to deliver the personalized experiences that our customers will increasingly come to expect.

AI is helping in improving shopping experience by making the things virtually tried.

AI machine learning capabilities helps in optimizing campaigns in real-time.

Chatbots: providing automated responses to buyers in real-time uses ML and NPL.

Predictive Analysis

Marketing automation

IoT digital marketing

IoT data to give audiences greater control over these experiences, becoming more effective at listening and responding to audience needs and preferences.

Data graph: After Google’s knowledge graph & Facebook’s social graph data graph based on users personal data is being used by smart marketers to create personalized and effective marketing messages.

Open source solution

We also keep in mind to implment latest techniques in clients digital marketing Strategy

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