Digital Marketing Strategy for New Technologies

What is digital marketing? What should be an effective digital marketing strategy & plan for new technologies, platforms & trends? What digital marketing activities are important for the success?

As digital platforms are evolving according to the behaviors and demand of users new digital marketing platforms & channels are also evolving with the same pace.

Digital marketing is the marketing on electronic devices, digital media and internet by effectively targeting, measuring, experimenting and again reusing the research for marketing your products or services. Digital channels such as search engines, display sites(banner & text ads), social media, email are the most commonly used by Businesses.

Website management is first step of digital marketing with effective content management. Digital marketers use content marketing, SEO, PPC(Google ads), social media, email marketing, video marketing, influence marketing, people based marketing, mobile marketing & re targeting to connect with current and prospective customers. Businesses also need digital property management strategy, with creation and marketing, they need regular updation of all the digital properties they have created over time. Product demo

Customer experience, navigation, page speed, AMP, PWS, Content personalisation, personalized advertising, personalized emails, Predictive Analysis, Marketing automation, AI’s machine learning, techniques are helping platforms and marketers to take real-time data-based decisions.

Latest digital marketing trends:

1) Programmatic Advertising

2) Artificial Intelligence

3) Chatbots

4) Personalization

5) Business Chat & Messaging

6) Voice

7) Visual marketing

8) Stories

9) Advertising

10) Product video & Live video

Before making a digital marketing strategy, define your objective from the campaign:

Digital Marketing Objectives: 
Product selling
Lead Generation
Call Generation
Traffic Generation
Increasing App Download
Increasing Video View
Event Promotion
Seasonal & occasional sales

Challenges of creating a digital marketing strategy

Decide the platforms you want for your digital marketing strategy:

Search Engine
Content Marketing

Audience Selection: Audience is one of the most important factor in any marketing strategy, you can select audiences according to your digital marketing objective based on following segmentations:

Audience is one of the most important factor in any marketing strategy, we will select audiences from the locations of our reach of products and services and our future plan to reach new market. Following criteria should be kept in mind for selecting audiences:
Income Group
Target Industries

Digital Marketing Channels: These are the most used channels in digital marketing

 Digital Marketing Channes
Search Engine
Local listings

Facebook Video


SEO provides the big opportunity to sell the products or services online organically. If the brand rank well on top business generating keywords, it will generate best RoI. A website is optimized to achieve these objectives



Significance of SEO - 73 percent of organic search clicks comes through top 10 listing.
Less than 25% search clicks comes through 2nd page of searches.

Paid Strategy: Paid digital marketing

Paid search, social marketing and advertising techniques provides your ads to appear in top of the
search engine page of a
term and top of the feed in a social media.

Paid advertising is one of the quick and effective way to get business from digital media. Its most important strategy if you need quick business.

Why PPC - Significance of PPC - For high commercial intent search queries, the top three ad spots take about 40% of the clicks on the page. 
89% of the traffic generated by search ads is not replaced by organic clicks when ads are paused.

ECommerce Marketing

If you are running an ecommerce or retail business and want to sell products online then you need a full ecommerce strategy that covers optimization, advertising, web management, security, robust services. You need shipping and inventory for various cities.

commerce solution retail solution  Due to high cost of paid media, paid media experts have important role to play in getting high RoI SEO is a big part of ecommerce effort with content distribution. e-commerce strategy

ECommerce Marketing

Social Media Marketing

What Is Social Media Marketing? How we can create effective social media campaigns? Social media marketing is effectively using social media sites like Facebook Instagram Twitter Pinterest Linkedin YouTube WhatsApp FB Messenger Reddit Tumblr Quora etc for the marketing and advertising of the products or services. Social media sites have billions of active users and use it for sharing, commenting, and liking the things they care. You can share contents about the product ad services by blogs, video, audio, posts (taxts & Images), PDF, GIF, MEME’s Hastags. Stories, Facebook Live are also useful. You can also social Influence marketing strategy for better reach. Most of the sites provides Groups, Business pages, article posting facilities.

We can run various campaigns in social media like conversion, traffic, app install, engagement, brand awareness, video, increasing followers and lead generation.
Instagram is the best social media platform for engagement. 

Selection of audience: This is one of the most important task to get audience for best result. Segmentation based on Demographic, income,
Location and language,
usages, Purchases activity will help you in getting desired audience.
Facebook’s Custom Audiences & Lookalike Audiences is very helpful.

Use Facebook Audience Insights tool that help marketers learn more about their target audiences, including aggregate information about geography, demographics, purchase behavior and more.

Content Marketing:



Workbook & Template

Landing Page




Research reports


Case studies


Email Marketing

Video Marketing

Mobile Marketing

Marketing Automation

Analysis Strategy

Benefits of Digital Marketing

Measurable ROI

Easy tracking and implementation 

Increase of traffic

Easy to bid, monitor, edit and manage the campaigns


Its other benefite includes:

  • Enhanced customer Experience : Digital platforms can provide
    better brand experience through digital channels
  • Customer expectation: Its easy to show digitally how your product or services can fulfill the customers requirement.
  • Increase brand value and trust with customers
  • Audience reach & engagement
  • It provides many methods of messaging to customers
  • Digital platforms are smart enough to know audiences Mind & Heart
  • Measurement
  • Audience engagement data
  • Latest technology
  • Ease of Management
  • Marketing execution
  • Provide data based on experiment and campaign experience

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