Digital Marketing Services companies are looking in New Year from a Digital Agency

Businesses are operating many things digitally so they require an agency that can handle various digital marketing activities. Organizations are demanding team with specific digital skills so that their experts help them to achieve their business goal.

Digital Marketing Skills in demand in 2019

  • Analytics: Analytical abilities is one of the most demanded skill and its most important as well for enhancing the performance of campaigns and websites user experience.

User experience analysis gives you the idea about where you are lacking in visuals and presentation to increase engagement of users to increase interaction and enquiry.

Campaigns performance analysis gives the idea about the user mood, audience, best and worst performing ads, most searched query string, media and channels that are best working for your products and services, demographics, time of campaigning, market providing most sells etc.

Talent gap in this is 37%

  • Advertising: Ads creativity and analytical abilities for analyzing the result of the campaign and implementing the analysis outcome quickly. Visual storytelling, PPC
  • Website Management: UX improvement, making site responsive and device friendly
  • E-commerce marketing:
  • Mobile Marketing: Talent gap in this is 29%
  • Content Marketing: Content curation and creation Talent gap in this is 27%
  • Social media marketing: Visual Aid, story writing, Ad copy writing, social branding, Paid social media advertising, creativity in Ads and organic posts Talent gap in this is 27%
  • Email Marketing: Talent gap in this is 27%
  • Marketing automation
  • SEOTalent gap in this is 19%
  • Database marketing
  • App marketing & Advertising
  • Communication: Internal & external
  • Marketing technology skills: Digital marketing tools Talent gap in this is 24%

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