Digital Industry Update January 2019

Facebook is integrating Messenger, Whatsapp and Instagram

Databases continue to be one of the most competitive areas of cloud computing. Microsoft acquires Citus Data, which develops an open-source extension for PostgreSQL that turns it into a distributed database works as both a managed cloud service running on Amazon Web Services as well as on-premises servers.

Report: Funding to cybersecurity companies $5.3B was up 81% in 2018 from 2016, with California alone accounting for 46% of VC investments worldwide  —  TC

Use of Voice assistants in cars are more than on smartphones, 77 million US adults use voice assistants in their cars at least monthly, compared with 45.7 million using them on smart speakers. Survey Recode

Amazon announced its stores helped more than 50,000 Small and Medium-sized Businesses Exceeded $500,000 in Sales in 2018, ~200K SMBs generated $100K+ and businesses earning over $1M+ grew by 20%.

GOOGLE’S INTERPRETER MODE to translate conversation in real time –
Google Assistant Interpreter Mode is a virtual assistant for real-time language translator between two people who are trying to chat in the same physical space.

PepsiCo is rolling out snack-carrying robots called “snackbots” to deliver snacks and beverages on University of the Pacific’s campus in CA — Order on the app, pick up around campus.

Windows 10 the latest Microsoft’s OS is now surpassed
Windows 7(36.9% ) in market share and running on more computers and reached 39.2% worldwide OS market share in December.

Reliance Industries, the India’s largest industrial house, announced today that his companies( Jio & Raliance Retail [is the largest retailer in the country by revenue. It serves more than 3.5 million customers each week through its nearly 10,000 physical stores in more than 6,500 Indian cities and towns.]) will roll out a new online shopping platform for 1.2 million retailers and store owners

New ecommerce policy in India introduce to the help local merchants,
would benefit Indian companies, could reduce online sales by $46 billion by 2022. Reuters.
India’s ecommerce market was earlier estimated to grow to $200 billion by 2026, up from $38.5 billion as of 2017.

In India’s Google Play Store five of the top 10 apps were Chinese by the end of 2018, with TikTok taking the top spot — “TikTok is a Youtube killer.” 44 of the top 100 apps were Chinese in India

Top 10 overall apps in December 2018

Top Social Apps in 2018 India

DevOps partner

Microsoft is testing a project “Bali” that lets users control the
data collected about them and “visualize, manage, share, and monetize” the same. its like “new personal data bank which puts users in control of all data collected about them”.

Google rolling out automatic spam protection within the default Android Messages app for the users; the spam protection is opt-out by default.

CarDekho, which operates a range of online stores that sell new and second-hand cars and motorbikes in India, raises $110M Series C at a $400M-$500M valuation

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