Digital Industry Update December 2018

  1. Voice-activated shopping orders using Alexa tripled on Amazon YoY during 2018 holiday season

2.Microsoft launches Clarity, a new web analytics product in beta, to compete with A/B testing tools like Google Optimize — Microsoft today launched a new web analytics product in beta. Clarity is designed to help developers understand user behavior at scale, including why users struggle.

3. Accenture Interactive to acquire adtech company Adaptly, which helps marketers buy targeted ads across online platforms including Amazon, Google, and Facebook — it gives Accenture access to targeted-ad technology that plugs into platforms including Google, Amazon and Facebook

4. Google Merchant Center available into to Hindi.
There are 58 million SMBs in India, of which 35 percent are engaged in retail trade (Source: Sixth Economic Census). However, a very small number of them have an online presence — there clearly exists a huge opportunity for retailers to surface their merchandize to the millions of online consumers.

4. When you set Alexa Guard to Away mode, you’ll get notifications on your phone if an Echo device in your home detects the sound of a smoke or carbon monoxide alarm going off or hears glass breaking.

5. REUTERS.COM Finablr’s United Arab Emirates-based UAE Exchange and U.S. startup Ripple plan to launch blockchain payments

6 IBM’s develops tiny fingernail sensor monitors diseases progression & movement of disorders : Machine learning models to detect tremors and other symptoms of Parkinson’s disease, this prototype and the models can be extended to recognize other diseases as well.

7. Facebook has released an app for iOS and Android called Lasso, designed to compete with TikTok, that lets users create short videos

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