Challenges Colleges and Schools are Facing in EDTECH Era

Some colleges are facing many challenges in Digital era because of the new demand of the education system and students.

EdTech and Smart Classroom is driven by Technology (Gamification, Analytics… & Hardware (Interactive Displays & Projectors), System (LMS, SIS, TMS),

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic growing need for online teaching-learning models increases the demand for eLearning solutions in the new education system.

  • Kindergarten
  • K-12
  • Higher Education

We provide complete digital solutions and digital marketing solutions for educational institutions.

Education Lead Generation


  • Specialized Manpower
  • Teacher
  • Student enrollment
  • Admission Management
  • CRM
  • Digitalization
  • Online Education 
  • Adaptation of new behaviour of students increases demand of new technology, 

EdTech and Smart Classroom Market by Hardware (Interactive Displays, Interactive Projectors), System (LMS, SIS, TMS), Technology (Gamification, Analytics

  • New courses
  • Students are getting smarter
  • Placement
  • Fee – Competitive
  • Challenges and opportunities of Education in Covid 19 scenario – Google Meet, Google Classroom, Zoom helps in conducting interactive classes but the video content require high bandwidth for smooth flow of classes.

Make remote learning working Learning Continuity and Attendance Plan

Addressess students with unique needs 

Create, not consume; invent, not mimic, It’s so easy to consume and mimic when you’re behind a screen

Chat feature

Educational Toys & suite of games that challenges children to grow their ability to performing an educational activity without anyone’s instruction.

Design Tech to Improve Children’s Focus.

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