Advance Audience Targeting in Digital Marketing

Audience Targeting in Digital Marketing, PPC, Adwords, Facebook and combining audiences

Choosing Audiences that can see your Ads and are most likely to be converted into customers is one of the most important part of the digital marketing plan. Platforms provide segmentation of audiences based on various criteria, demographic, geographic, behavioral, interest . Identifying individuals or groups based on data and analytics available to serve your ads to leverage budget and maximize ROAS.

ideal audience segment for online advertising of your product/service is that where you can expect increase of  conversion rates & lower costs per acquisition .

Adwords Audience targeting methods:

  • In-Market Audience
  • Similar Audience
  • Google Customer Match: Online & offline customer targeting by data/email uploading in shared library
  • Re-marketing:
    • Standard
    • Dynamic
    • Re-marketing for mobile apps
    • Re-marketing list for search Ads(RLSA)
    • Custom combination list – AND OR or NOT – Advance list out of existing re-marketing list
  • Demographics targeting
  • Location & language
  • Device

Search network campaigns custom Audience

Custom Affinity Audiences

Maximize return on ad spend (ROAS)

Facebook Audience Targeting:

  • Core audiences
  • Custom audiences
  • Lookalike audiences:
    • Existing page like,
    • customer lists,
    • website audience data

Facebook Remarketing:

  • Lookalike audiences

Combining social & search audience – Transferring FB audience to Adwords:

  • Add unique UTM on Facebook Ads(like Decision maker job title)
  • Segment this traffic in “GA
  • Apply this audience in Adwords search campaigns Adgroup

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