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Adwords Management Company

PPC Management Agency PPC Adwords company in USA providing ppc services in USA to enhance PPC Performance with help of PPC experts that manages your PPC Campaigns for USA market and sell, advertise, generate enquiry through paid campaigns with best RoI PPC company in USA. PPC agency Los Angeles Google ads management best PPC strategy for B2B B2C enterprise and corporate PPC clients USA La. Our PPC agency USA will help you in creating creative video and banner ads to increase engagement, branding and sales.

WhatsApp: 8010050070 for Adwords Bing Facebook Campaign Management for US/Canada Market

If your target market is US, we better understand the audience of US as have years of experience in dealing with them and providing online advertising services to our clients targeting US audiences. So, we can provide you better ROI with less investment. PPC company in USA that makes the result oriented campaigns, create strategy for PPC campaign management nyc. 

  • Setting up new account Google AdWords, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads
  • By writing highly convertible Ad Copies and optimizing the website accordingly
    Call To Action (CTA),
  • Improving content quality
  • Lead generation through Pay Per Click (PPC)
  • PPC is the best lead generation tool in Digital marketing.
  • We will convert traffic into leads.
  • Help you to optimize your website & landing pages for a better rate of conversion.
  • PPC Certified Partner and has managed profitable Adwords Campaigns of over millions of ad spend.
  • Well tested landing page with A/B and multivariate testing the LP parameters.

Search Campaigns: search advertising campaigns

Why iAdsClick?

Why Hire Us as PPC (Adwords, Bing, Facebook Advertisement) Agency partner:

  • Expertise in Google Adword, Yahoo, Bing Promotion, Facebook Promotion.
  • Successfully run 1000’s of SEO and PPC campaigns for various clients.
  • 10+ years of experience in online marketing industry
  • 99% customer Satisfaction
  • Minimal charge for Trial campaign setup (non Refundable).

Our Expertise:

  • Specialized in PPC Campaign Management for US/Canada Market
  • Executed 100’s of Account and 1000’s of campaigns for tech support industry
  • Millions of $ budget Managed with high conversion rate
  • Daily budget ranging between $100 to $20,000
  • For our fully managed and all-inclusive PPC campaigns there are three costs involved:
  • One-time Setup Fee
  • Adwords campaign management fees (Monthly Management Fee)
  • Monthly Ad Spend on the Search Engines

Looking best ppc services best ppc company among best ppc companies provides best ppc services USA. PPC services in usa and PPC services in India at affordable rate with best RoI. PPC agency in USA SEO PPC services

PPC services company in USA: best ppc company in los Angeles Nyc Ca for ppc campaign management.  PPC management company in USA

Contact PPC services company USA los Angeles Nyc Ca for the best ppc management USA. For the proper management of online advertising our PPC management agency makes best strategy provides PPC management services nyc. One of the best PPC company USA and canada adwords company, best adwords company nyc we analyze each and every outcome to enhance our campaigns so that we can get best RoI. campaign management agency is among the top ppc companies in USA.

Ad agency that creates the best creatives for the campaigns and create and manage Adwords, BingAds search, display and all other types of campaigns. PPC management agency nyc having experience and expertise in managing hundreds of successful campaigns for local and global audiences.

Paid search marketing services: Paid advertising based on various bidding models pay per click advertising (ppc advertising) or CPC, CPM, CPA ppc marketing. Bing ppc, Google PPC

 Google advertising – Google Adwords, adwords.google.com is now ads.google.com the platform for the management of Google Ads and Google advertisement on search engine and partner sites. It works on pay per click model. We make Search engine marketing strategy for google advertising and Bing Advertising.  Google pay per click campaigns is managed by Google Adwords managers to help you marketing on Google.

Online advertising services: We assist in Advertisement on various digital platforms that have huge audience base like search engines like Google, Bing social media like Facebook Advertisement, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, video advertisement on Youtube, facebook etc. 

PPC Management Agency NYC provides Adwords Management, and PPC Management Los Angeles, Bing, social media(Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) and other platforms PPC Services USA. We manage the PPC campaigns for driving leads & sales with best RoI for your industry.

Additional Services:
Re-marketing Ads
Search Engine Optimization
Website Design

Media Campaign Budget Monthly Management Fee
Adwords Upto $5,000 $499
Adwords $5,000 to 10,000 9% of the budget
Adwords $10,000+ 7% of the Budget
Bing Ads Upto $10,000 $500
Campaigns Budget|Cost /Month(in Rs.)
Suggested Budgets for Adwords



(Paid to Google)

Adwords Management Cost  
SEO  Management Cost  
Suggested Budgets for Facebook



(Paid to Facebook)

SMO Management Cost  
Total Media Cost  
Media Campaign Budget Management Fee
Facebook Advertising    
LinkedIn Ads    
Twitter Ads    
All inclusive(Discounted Total)    

Full Digital marketing Services

PPC Management Quote: PPC Packages
The following quote is good for 30-days from the time of delivery:
Setup Package


  • Setup Fee $349 Monthly
  • Daily Ad Spend Budget*  $100 – $9,999
  • Monthly Management Fee –
  • $199 for Budget upto $5000
  • Term Length 6 months


  • Upto $ 10,000 total monthly Ad spend
  • Ideal for startups or businesses new to PPC


  • Upto $25,000 total monthly Ad spend
  • Typically have some experience at PPC or are eager to start a strong campaign from day 1


  • Upto $50,000 total monthly Ad spend
  • Large companies or those in more competitive PPC markets, looking to out grow close competitors

Why to choose us for search campaigns:

We manage search advertising campaigns to make it profitable for the clients and advertisers. Our expert & proficient team plan, launch, optimize, troubleshoot and analyze search campaigns. 

• We maintain successful relationships with the leading brands and advertisers.

• We Manage search campaign calendar, trafficking assets

• Having a well defined client approval process

• Analyze performance metrics for campaign performance enhancements
• Data based optimization strategies

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