Marketing analytics solutions for businesses big and small

We have a team of dedicated experts who help and support your business in implementation and ongoing training of digital marketing analytics, help you manage complex implementations, design custom solutions and providing Enterprise analytics solutions. Analytics is important for every department but for marketing its becomes crucial to analyze affect of each and every step of a marketing campaign, our marketing analytics solutions provides such analysis.

Businesses looks for many types of enterprise analytical solution –

  • Data Analytics & Big Data Analytics
  • Predictive analytics
  • Business Analytics & BI
  • Data driven insights
  • Web, social & App Analytics

Advanced Analytics Tools

        • Data stagging, movement & Aggregation tools
        • TeraData
        • Hadoop
        • DART
        • ATLAS
        • NetInsights
        • Adobe Analytics
        • Tealium
        • Qualtrics
        • Root cause Analysis
        • Statistical Analysis tools

digital analytics: Digital Marketing Analytics Solution

Analyze your site and app users to better evaluate the performance of your content, products, and services, customer experience. Our enterprise analytics solution helps you in tagging, site optimization, data visualization, market research, attribution, and audience management with powerful measurement solution for your business. Also helps your enterprise gain useful insights and get better results every day with dedicated support.

Web Analytics:

We provide complete web analytics solution – implementation, dashboard, reporting, problem identification and recommendation and implementation of solution.

    • Google Analytics
    • Omniture
    • Google Tag Manager
    • SEO Edge
    • Landing Page Analytics & Testing tool:
      • Maxymizer
      • Adobe target
      • Google web optimizer
      • Quibit deliver
        • Advanced Dashboard
        • Segmentation

Social Analytics: 

After making a social media campaign you need to analyze the result. Only making campaign is half of the battle, you need to analyze each and every step of the campaign outcome to enhance the campaign for the better result. Our social media analytics solution will provide complete solution from implementation, monitoring, dashboard creation, report creation and presentation to the management.

        • Facebook Analytics :
          • Facebook ads analytics
        • Twitter Analytics
        • Social Mention: measure what people are saying about you, your company or product
        • Addictomatic
        • Google Alerts
        • Review Monitoring
        • Fanpagekarma
        • Influencity
        • Buzzsumo
        • Google Analytics with UTM

App Analytics:

Apps are one of the top media used these days and big enterprise that are serious in apps intersection must need analytics code incorporated in the app. You need to monitor audience activities, cities and type of actions they are taking to enhance the app so that app must fulfill the customers requirement.

Video Analytics:

Content discovery tools

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